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Welcome to -----ChiangMai, Thailand's  foreign / Thai Real Estate company offering you real estate services all over Thailand




Listing: 1W
Land in Chiang Mai, Lamphun, Phayao 12 to 
1. uncle district land Commission for sale . The 
land is 8 Rai -2-54 

- Land in the middle of the community. Muang District, Lamphun 
- Land on the front and back of the land, behind the land and has water. Can turn water into land 
- a concrete road in front of the home public golf course
- It used to be a former chicken farm land. There is a water tank. Approximately 15 cubic meters, 8 meters high. 
- The land is filled with mango, sweet tamarind, longan, etc.
- Stay away from the main road around the city of Lamphun, just 1 km (to the North. Sang) is looking to expand the road to four lanes 
- from the Ministry of Lamphun 4 km 
- from distribution centers 7/11 (CP) 2 kilometers 
-. 6 km from Saha Group Industrial 
Park - Suitable for housing, ready for retirement, beautiful view, mountain view, electricity, water supply, village Agricultural dam 
Land of Ban 
Klang, Muang District, Lamphun 18 ° 29'41.0 "N 98 ° 58'50.2" E 18.494720, 98.980624'41.0%22N+ B058'50.2 the C2%%% 22E 98 / 18.4947228,98.9794277,379m @ / = Data! 3m2! 1e3! 4B1! 4m5! 3m4! 1s0x0: 0x0! 8m2! 3d18.49472! 4d98.980624?, hl = EN-the TH
* ** Sale price is 2,000 square wah *** 

Listing: 2W
2. Land subdistrict, Ubon City, Lamphun
4Rai -1-30 area 

- land about 24 meters wide and a depth of about 370 meters 
- the road in front of and behind the house, there are artesian wells 
- the land is not filled garden. There are about 16 longan trees at the 
coordinates of the land of Tambon Ubon, Muang District, Lamphun                 
18 ° 38'36.5 "N 99 ° 03'21.3" E 18.643481, 99.055923 . = en-TH
*** Sale price is 2,000 baht per square ***. 

Listing: 3W
3. Flora Project land at 
Khwae Market, Doi Saket, Chiang Mai area 0-3-91 

- Land width 46-47 m depth 25 -32 meters
- Beautiful Land in Flora Ville Village Standard Company Project On the Chiang Mai - Doi Saket Road, Km 9, Doi Saket Chiangmai 
- Landscape around beautiful project, quiet, secure, 24 hours security guard. 
- Land is filled with side water. And behind the land, side with overflowing weir. Water and hearing water flow throughout the year. 
- Ideal for residential 
land development 391 Trw. 
FloraView Project. Market Kwan, Doi Saket, Chiang Mai                 18 ° 50'28.6 "N 99 ° 04'47.5 "E 18.841291, 99.079853'28.6%22N+99%C2%B004'47.5%22E/@18.8412928,99.0790758,246m/data 3m2! 1e3! 4b1! 4m5! 3m4! 1s0x0: 0x0! 8m2! 3d18.841291! 4d99.079853? Hl = en-TH


Listing: 4W

Land at Flora View Area 181 sq m




Listing: 5W

4. Flora View Land Project, 
Khwae Market, Doi Saket, Chiang Mai Area 0-1-81 

- Land width 45.5 m, depth 16-20.5 m 
- Beautiful land in the village project Flora Ville Standard Company Project On the Chiang Mai - Doi Saket Road, Km 9, Doi Saket Chiangmai 
- Landscape around beautiful project, quiet, secure, 24 hours security guard. 
- Land is filled with side water. And behind the land. Water throughout the year 
- Ideal for residential 
land development 180 sq.m. Flora View 
Talay, Talad Khwan, Doi Saket, Chiang Mai                 18 ° 50'33.0 "N 99 ° 04'37.2" E 18.842487, 99.076993'33.0%22N+99%C2%B004'37.2%22E/@18.8418813,99.0767371,245m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5! 4d99.076993? Hl = en-TH
*** Sale price is 14,500 baht per square wah *** 


Listing: 6W

5. Land in the project of Soi Cooperative 3 near Maejo, Tambon Nong Dan, Sansai. Chiang Mai 
area 3-0-31 

- land plots with approximately 63 meters deep and 50 meters of road frontage. And the back of the land. 
- Away from the city of Chiang Mai about 7 km away from the main road Chiang Mai - Phrao about 1 km. 
Land coordinates project Soi Soi 3 near Mae Jo. Sansai, Chiang Mai         
18 ° 52'44.0 "N 99 ° 00 ' 15.3 "E 18.878886, 99.004252'44.0%22N+99%C2%B000'15.3%22E/@18.8788874,99.0036511,190m/data=!3m2!1e3!4b1! 4d5k0: 0x0! 8m2! 3d18.878886! 4d99.004252? Hl = en-TH
*** Sale price is 6,500 per square wah *** 
Cooperative land Soi 3 San sai Chiangmai
Listing: 7W

6. Land Project Srivijai Villa, Nong Yai, Chiang Mai 
area 0-0-84 
7. Area 0-0-83.5 
8. Area 0-0-83 

- Located in the alley away from Chiang Mai - Phrao Road, only 80-120 meters 
- Land is filled with fences surrounding it 
- from the University of 2 kilometers 
- 800 meters away from the hospital dunes 
- from the municipal market. Joe 500 meters 
- 400 meters away from the municipal Mae 
- ideal for home cultivation.
Land for sale at Sri Wichai Villa, Nong 
Noen, San Sai, Chiang Mai                 18 ° 54'41.3 "N 98 ° 59'54.2" E 18.911476, 98.998399 % B054'41.3% 22N + 98% C2% B059'54.2% 22E / @ 18.9111165,98.9976862,208m / date =! 3m1! 1e3! 4m5! 3m4! 1s0x0: 0x0! 8m2! 3d18.911476! 4d98.998399? Hl = en-TH
*** Sale Price is 17,500 baht per sqm *** 


Listing: 8W

9. Two storey house 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms Sri Wichai Villa Project, Tambon Nong Yai, San Sai, Chiang Mai, 
near Mae Jo University, 

total area 334.1 square W (total 4 deed) 
- 2 storey house in Srivijaya Village Villa Mae Good location with some furniture 
- 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1 living room, 1 kitchen, 1 dining room, 1 working room, 1 storage room under the stairs,
1 laundry room in the house, there is a separate garage from the house, 2 car parking and a garage for 1 car parking. 
- There are shady trees. It can also be expanded or expanded. 
- The house has some parts that need to be repaired due to the age of the house. The owner has not been repaired, updated, or new paint 
- the nice house in a village in Sri Lanka villa quiet uncluttered environment pleasant, shady street village straight out easy, no maintenance fees 
- a home away from Chiang Mai - Phrao. 80 meters 
- from the University of 2 kilometers 
- 800 meters away from the hospital dunes 
- from Mae Municipal market 500 meters 
- the distance. The municipality of Mae Jo 400 meters 
- Good location with some furniture. And some electrical appliances.
Two-storey land plot Chiang Mai         
18 ° 54'41.3 "N 98 ° 59'54.2" E 18.911476, 98.998399 & Lt; sep & gt; 41 & lt; sep & gt; 39 & lt; sep & gt; 18 & lt; sep & gt; 390 & lt; sep & -TH
*** Sale price for this property is 7,500,000 Baht *** 

Listing: 9W


Listing: 10W
11. Land adjacent to Mae Khao Subdistrict Faham the Chiang Mai 
area 0-3-57 

- land stinking river. The side and the back of the land are 80 meters wide along the ground. 
- The side and the front of the public road. 
- There are several entrances. About 60 meters from the ring road. 
- In the community. Near Luck Market Lotus 
Land Consolidation - land reclamation and enclosure part. 
Land on Mae Khao, Fah Ha, Muang Chiang Mai         
18 ° 49'23.4 "N 99 ° 01'00.5" E 18.823168, 99.016815'23.4%22N+99%C2%B001'00.5%22E/@18.8231694,99.0162153,190m/data=!3m2!1e3!4b1! 4m5! 3m4! 1s0x0: 0x0! 8m2! 3d18.823168! 4d99.016815?, hl = EN-the TH
*** Sale price is 65,000 baht per square wah *** 
Land close to Kaao River Tambon Fahan Chiangmai Area: 357 sq yds 4 title deed connect


Listing: 11W
12. Land at Phayao, Mae Sai, Muang Phayao 
area 11Rai -0-65 

- Slabs of land near the front of the land. 
- Land for rent. Land for sale  
in Phayao, Muang District, Phayao.                 
19 ° 08'41.6 "N 99 ° 53'00.3" E 19.144903, 99.883428'41.6%22N+99%C2%B053'00.3%22E/@19.1451272,99.8835328,411m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5! 3m4! 1s0x0: 0x0! 8m2! 3d19.144903! 4d99.883428 hl = en-TH
*** Sale price is 600,000 baht per Rai ***

Rice Farm, Tambon Maesai, Phayao Area 11-0-65





Listing: 12W

Land at Ban Krulung Lumphun Area 8-2-54 BELOW

Listing: 13W





Listing: 14W


FRUIT FARM. The Soi is beside Wankhuanuson Nakhon Nayok. About 1 Rai

with Title deed [ has 5 title deeds connected ]




See [ Land in Lamphun, Payao, Nayon Nayok ] for sale





of the above land blocks and check google
with the locations for each. We have many more plots of land to advertise


Easy quick check service. We arrange a full service for foreigners from worldwide whether it be China, Korea to USA, UK, EU with our



To date foreigners may own

  - a unit in a registered Condominium
  - a building (as distinct from its land)
  - a registered leasehold of up to 30 years for all types of titled land (and/or buildings).
  - a registered leasehold of up to 30 years for all types of titled land (and/or buildings).
  - a company can purchase land and buildings but will be inspected and all Thai shareholders veted.
  - more than 49% of a condominium unless in Company form.
  - foreigners can own land being 49% in a company but the company must operate a business & shareholders interviewed so not that easy anymore
  - if you invest 40m baht you can buy 1 Rai of land in Thailand outright. 


We receive our commissions off the seller or landlord and no added charges are imposed on you the buyer or renter. What we make sure is you get a professional service with no hidden costs, plus we help you with your lease agreements and oversee everything you need. You may have a Thai friend who says they can get you a better deal. Unbeknown to you they may be getting a commission or even 2 plus a scheme --can you read Thai??. Using our services we guarantee that the lease and selling documents are in order as we have our own Barrister at Law.



Please do not ask us for mortgages as we cannot help unless you are married to a Thai or own a Thai Company.Thailand has so many different types of properties for sale that whatever your dream home is, you can realize it here if you do the paperwork right. Prices are a lot cheaper than Western houses but some aspects need close scrutiny especially wiring, water & most importantly the deed title. Now that you want to buy a house what should you look for? 



The first thing you need to do is obtain the services of a reputable real estate agent or lawyer on your behalf. The Thailand Realty Industry is not regulated so watch out for agents forcing you to sign contracts, & check the title deed to make sure the property is what it says.

You can now have a House Inspection report which in effect pulls the holes out of the property! Some buyers have bought the house only to find the land is on a different title & visa versa or the cracks have been disguised. Once you buy then its your problem. Many Estates will try to sell a house in a developing block which has but one title with say 10-20 houses on it. They may have mortgages and want to unload the houses before they pay off the loan & secure the titles for their owners.

The same goes with the boundaries of the property which need to be the same as the title deed. In Thailand there's no survey pegs as such but they do use concrete pegs & it is an important point. Sometimes vendors deliberately understate property area or move so called pegs. If the  building is under construction or the land is having a subdivision look carefully at the provisions for issuing a title, and easement rights for say roadways. if you are a foreigner you can lease for 30 years or form a company to hold the house. Remember also do not start a company for the sake of securing your house. If you do not carry out business and do not have employees ( and I mean NO nominees that your law firm has provided) you will find yourself in hot water.



Sor Kor 1 This document means that land occupants are occupying or making use of certain land plots, whose ownership has not been claimed by any entity. The document does not indicate legal possession of the informer so one cannot transfer the ownership of the property to any one else. The Sor Kor 1 is rare now as the government's land ownership legislation has covered most area of the country.

Nor Sor 2 states the government's permission for person or legal entity to make use of land temporarily. Need to utilize at least three-quarters of the land plot within three years after the document issuance. This right is non transferable. At the finish, land occupants can seek the right to demand higher privileged title deed.

Nor Sor 3 is a governmental letter certifying a utilization of certain land plot by certain people and that the plot of land has been surveyed and its official map created.

Nor Sor 3 A is similar to the Nor Sor 3 certification. The only difference is the map survey of the land plot based on an aerial-viewed photograph of the land.

Ownership Title Deed or chanote is the ultimate certification of land ownership. Holders of the title deed have full rights to transfer or sell the properties and to bar other parties from violating their rights over the land protected by the ownership title deed law.


Want that house or condo to retire in, look no further. We help you lease, rent OR BUY houses, land, businesses or condo complexes at the price you want to spend and make sure your contract is made the way you want it. We have teamed up with a complete service advertising package & 2 top Law Offices in Bangkok & ChiangMai for the delicate work. We work throughout Thailand in from Phuket, Rayong, Pattaya, Bangkok, Chiangmai, Chiangrai & NE whatever one wishes to purchase even BOI--Board of Investment


   FREE advice line
   Company setup and complete law services
  Ongoing service that no one else provides
   FREE advice line
   Company setup and complete law services
  Ongoing service that no one else provides

    House Inspection & maintenance reports

    Title searches on every sale & total honesty
    Utility setup to assist you & No hidden costs
    Total security for your household & the best of all
    Foreign consultant working with our Thai Law Office
    Bangkok- Thailand Real Estate Brokers assoc member
    Buy off us and we help you secure your property
    Secure your yellow book & assist in complete ownership


Whether it is buying, selling, renting or leasing all kinds of properties, businesses, land and condominiums right to Commercial properties, we have something for you including our own Thai lawyer.offer full law services from ChiangMai to Bangkok to Phuket.   

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COMPANY INDEMNITY: Our Company does not conduct conveyancy of property sales, title searches and lease agreements as we use our Law Office to do these. If you do not have a lawyer then we can advise you & recommend one. All conveyancy procedures in Thailand should be conducted by a qualified Law Office and we do not advise you to use any of our Company staff nor others to assist you even though you feel they may cut corners for you or save you money. Our Company is not responsible other than assisting clients to purchase, sell, rent or lease & we will not be held responsible or accountable. Feel free to ring us if you have a problem & require advise about our services or you are not sure what you are signing: Ask to speak to our Manager:     Copyright 2001