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We now have these excellent cleaning and 

repair services in Chiangmai only


1/. HOUSEHOLD CLEANING SERVICES: We have our own Thai women who can clean your house or rental property from top to bottom for 2500 baht for the full day. We have our own equipment and if we supply the cleaning agents please the cost is 3000 baht. Work includes cleaning windows inside/out. Cleaning all floors, cupboards, lights, showers and bath walls floors etc, gutter removal, vaccuming floors. This work is only carried out in homes, condos.


2/. TELEPHONE REPAIR SERVICE: We can test replace and install all TTnT telephone cables to any point in your house. We can also install LAN cables for your computers


3/. ELECTRICITY: Replace and add hot points, power points and lights including security lights;  underground cabeling and whatever additional power supply you require.


4/. PLUMBING WORK: Ask us and we will send one of our workers.


5/. LAWNS MOWED AND SECTIONS CLEARED. our workers can mow your lawns and clear your sections on a regular basis--monthly or whever you want


6/. HOUSEHOLD REPAIRS: our workers can replace ceilings and install new fibre board rooves using aluminium joinery and fibroplaster board. We also have our our fibro stopping service and can replace and install bathroom tiles, outside tiles and pathing. Can fix household washing machines, TVs, fans, fridges pick up and delivery etc.


7/. EMERGENCY WORK  anything to do with the house and property we have the workers. Can replace and quote you roof replacement and tile fitting etc and if leaks let us know. We do charge an outcall and weekend charge. OUTCALL CHARGE IS  500 BAHT to cover off duty repairs and emergencies.

8/. R0OF REPAIRS: can fix leaking roof and replace your roof with corrugated iron or change the roof from wood to steel trusses.

9/. PAINTERS & GARDENERS:  We have painters and gardeners at your disposal so we can many repair service for all foreigners and 

FOR BUSINESSES or Design houses

1/. We can have our artist paint your walls with murals etc to your specs. Ideal for feature walls.



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