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ACE House Maintenance





We have a maintenance team of Thais workers who can fix and maintain your property.


REGION : Tel :0860712334




NOW YOU CAN EVEN POST YOUR OWN HOUSES FOR FREE  ON THE NEW THAILAND CLASSIFIED / AUCTION WEBSITE to buy or sell. Open to all businesses and private sales & buying advertise here. Check out the forum and law service. The website is in Thai/Eng language and its totally FREE.

The hottest Thai Classifieds in Thailand

1/. HOUSEHOLD CLEANING SERVICES: We have our own Thai women who can clean your house or rental property from top to bottom for 2500 baht for the full day. We have our own equipment and if we supply the cleaning agents please add 3000 baht. Work includes cleaning windows inside/out. All floors, cupboards, lights, shower and bath walls floors etc, gutter removal, vaccuming floors.

2/. TELEPHONE REPAIRS SERVICE: We can test replace and install all TTnT telephone cables and install LAN cables for your computers.

3/. ELECTRICITY: Replace and add hotpoints underground cableing and whatever additional power supply you require. EMERGENCY ELECTRICIAN AVAILABLE 24 HOURS IN THE CHIANGMAI REGION : Tel :0860712334


4/. PLUMBING WORK: Ask us and we will send one of our workers.


6/. HOUSEHOLD REPAIRS: our workers can replace ceilings and install new fibre board rooves using aluminium joinery and fibroplaster board. We also have our our fibro stopping service and can replace and install bathroom tiles, outside tiles and pathing.

5/.EMERGENCY WORK anything to do with the house and property we have the workers. Can replace and quote you roof replacement and tile fitting etc.

6/. TELEPHONE INSTALLATION AND LINES: anything to do with running phone lines or internet work right to computers we can help you. If you have a home then want to run a line to your office in the vicinity we can install for you


How close to the boundary of your land you are allowed to build your house.? As a guideline, the space to the boundary depends on the height of the building but houses close to the boundary cannot have windows.

Single Houses: At least 2 meters on both sides of the house and 4 meters to the street. The land must be at least 10 meters wide and 10 meters deep with a total area of a minimum of 50 sq. wa.If one side is not 10 meters, the total area will have to be at least 60 sq.wa. Pair Houses (not sure what you call this in proper English)Same as single houses for the free space around the house.The width of the plot must be a minimum 8 meters per house (i.e. 16 meters together) with a total area of at least 35 sq. wa per building (70) 


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