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REGION : Tel :0860712334

2/.  WE BUILD HOUSES ANY SIZE FROM YOUR PLANS OR OURS: If you want to build the house of your dreams FROM TEAK OR CONCRETE we have our own building team &--architect. Our Company partner owns a big well established building Business and we can make to your specs including architects and designers to meet your every requirement. We also oversee all the building progress and make sure all your contracts are drawn up properly & have references. 

Landscaped gardens with everything you care to wish for. Including a swimming pool & fences , gates for security, paths shrubs and privacy. We can offer you instant trees and shrubs, are fully licensed to build swimming pools for you (we have our own water proofing) and landscaping from small outdoor waterfalls to eccentric designs that you wish. We have our own electricians, plumbers drainlayers, welders and everything you need to finish your project at a fraction of the costs. We can build and construction from Condo complexes to houses, factories enhancing the latest materials & can offer excellent quotations and finishing times.


3/. HOTELS AND CONDO UNITS: there is no project we cannot co. Just ask us for a quotation or talk to our team manager. Our company can also assist you in waterproofing your concrete swimming pools, advise on solar panels and alternate systems for your house. We can save you costs for aircons and provide insulation to the degree you want. Cost as at January 2006 for concrete formwork is approx 13-15,000 baht per sq.m.

If you have a building project then call us to discuss: 081-9527812

We can provide excellent references.

f you want the best of Chiangmai then look at Chiangmai Furniture & Decorative Wood products. We are a Thai furniture company with many years experience in producing and exporting fine European Quality furniture in classic and modern styles with an Asian impact. Our furniture is handmade by skilled craftsman and our finishing is very special and gives the furniture and exclusive radiation. We make furniture to order so when you have your own exclusive designs we can help you to transform these into anything you want. We use only old teak for all our teak furniture, often more than 100 years old. We buy old whole teak houses, then resurfacing and refinishing the teak for use in our teak furniture. Old teak wood does not "move", expanding or contracting which is often what happens when young teak is used for furniture.Old teak also has more elaborate, more beautiful grains than young teak, is harder and more durable, offering our customers a lifetime of maintenance free beauty in all ourteak furniture. We measure all our teak with a wood humidity meter. The teak we use has moisture content of no more than 3%.

NEW DESIGNS ARE OUT NOW email for info: or go to

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      Check your foreign currency exchange rates against the Thai Baht


How close to the boundary of your land you are allowed to build your house.? As a guideline, the space to the boundary depends on the height of the building but houses close to the boundary cannot have windows.

Single Houses: At least 2 meters on both sides of the house and 4 meters to the street. The land must be at least 10 meters wide and 10 meters deep with a total area of a minimum of 50 sq. wa.If one side is not 10 meters, the total area will have to be at least 60 sq.wa. Pair Houses (not sure what you call this in proper English)Same as single houses for the free space around the house.The width of the plot must be a minimum 8 meters per house (i.e. 16 meters together) with a total area of at least 35 sq. wa per building (70) 

If you are interested in knowing a little more about building don't hesitate to ask us. We are only an email away and can help you to get settled in one of the nicest countries in the world. We arrange all the paperwork via our own Law Office so you have no worries about the future right to visas and any other help you may have to make your stay more comfortable. Bring your golf clubs and relax in Chiangmai. Please note foreigners cannot borrow in Thailand unless they own a company. One can purchase by either having in a partners name then taking out a 30 year lease or we can assist you with our Company via our Thai lawyer. 

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 Ask us for more information. LAW HELP:  go to  [ LAWYER ]


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COMPANY INDEMNITY: Our Company does not conduct conveyancy of property sales, title searches and lease agreements as we use our Law Office to do these. If you do not have a lawyer then we can advise you & recommend one. All conveyancy procedures in Thailand should be conducted by a qualified Law Office and we do not advise you to use any of our Company staff nor others to assist you even though you feel they may cut corners for you or save you money. Our Company is not responsible other than assisting clients to purchase, sell, rent or lease & we will not be held responsible or accountable. Feel free to ring us if you have a problem & require advise about our services or you are not sure what you are signing: Ask to speak to our Manager: 00-66 081-9527812     Copyright 2001